Come Walk With Me

I am a retired railroad engineer. I whupped the stallions for 41 years. Have been married almost 40 of those years. I only drink top shelf liquor and make my own wine. I'd rather be in overalls and a t-shirt than dress pants and a starched shirt. Unless otherwise stated, the photos I post come from the internet. I am a simple man with varied interests. Always ready to load up in the chariot and hit the back roads. I hope you decide to Come Walk With Me!


If You Discover Mercury, They Will Come: Now a ghost town, but once home to 4 mining companies and 2,000 people, Terlingua is popular with visitors to the Texas Big Bend. Built in the 1880s by Howard Perry for his bride, the Perry Mansion remains Terlingua’s most imposing structure. It has always fascinated me so I decided to photograph it from every conceivable angle, even tearing a favorite top when I invaded the space of a mesquite bush for a last shot.

I posted this set when my followers numbered in single digits. Now that they’ve reached double digits I’m reposting. Someone may “like” it this time!